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Your mouth is amazing! It serves as the gateway to your body and, as science is discovering, a critical way to ensure your health. According to a study done in The Journal of Aging Research, seeing your dentist two more times per year packs an enormous punch for longevity. Those visits lower your risk of dying from all causes by a whopping 30 to 50 percent. Flossing, the same research revealed, provides even more protection. Daily flossers not only have sweeter breath, but also a 30% lower mortality risk than non-flossers. That little white string is a powerful tool.

Careful oral hygiene also protects one from elevated C-reative protein (CRP) inflammation levels. This is a substance produced by the liver whose presence indicates inflammation in the body. According to health guru and frequent contributor to Prevention Magazine, Dr. Andrew Weill, it is a “marker” for inflammatory diseases such as:
Rheumatoid arthritis
Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Over time, low levels of inflammation are the harbinger of the dreaded age related diseases of:
Heart Disease

Dr. Weill also explains that lifestyle affects CRP as well. While genetics and stress are out of our control, sedentary life style, second hand smoke, and eating refined and processed foods are factors we can control and should. As the ancient Roman writer Publilius Syrus, declared as far back as 85 BC, “Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.”

Drs. Parver and Axelrod are delighted that so many of their patients are proactive in their dental care by making regular appointments and following up by taking excellent care of their teeth at home. They welcome the opportunity to discuss disease prevention and positive health choices when their patients come in. “It is one of the reasons we have made our home in Colorado and are so happy we did so,” Dr. Axelrod says. “People here embrace a healthy life style and pursue it in the beautiful panorama of nature we are surrounded by.”