Toothpaste: Too much of a good thing?

Advertisements show toothpaste lavishly spread on your toothbrush in gleaming colors and flavors from bubblegum, jasmine, to the standard fresh mint.  But how much is too much? What is the right product and right amount to use per brushing? According to Dr. Victoria...

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Mouthwash: Good, Better, Best, Store Brand

Mouthwash: Good, Better, Best, Store Brand? A walk down the oral care aisle of the supermarket or drugstore yields a rainbow of brightly colored bottles of mouthwash….all making fantastic claims.  Minty fresh breath, whiter teeth, anti-bacterial, plaque buster, tooth...

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Healthy Mouth, Healthy You

Your mouth is amazing! It serves as the gateway to your body and, as science is discovering, a critical way to ensure your health. According to a study done in The Journal of Aging Research, seeing your dentist two more times per year packs an...

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